Dear readers,
We have had an eventful year and can look back on many successful projects. In the same breath, we have started many promising cooperation projects: We are working with our new partners in fields such as agriculture, food analysis, climate and consumer protection. You can find more information about our projects as well as our methods in our publications:

We wish you relaxing holidays and a successful 2018!

»International Cooperation«

News from the International Cooperation

Welcome to International Cooperation
We have a new name and are saying goodbye to »Technical Cooperation«!

African Round Robin of Cement Testing Laboratories
s there a need for proficiency testing for cement? Fifty-five laboratories from 20 African countries submitted their results.

PTB Side Event at the COP23
As announced in the blog, we hosted a Side Event called »Fulfilling the Promise of Paris – Quality Infrastructure for the Energy Sector« during the COP23. You can view the results and our impressions here.

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