Dear readers,
World Metrology Day is now behind us: On the 20th of May 2017 the issue of the day was Measurements for Transport. Although the majority of our colleagues prefer whizzing about on their bicycles, transport is a topic that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Regardless of whether a project deals with trade, food safety or water quality, thought must always be given to quality management during transport.

World Metrology Day is administered by BIPM and OIML - whose work is also the focus in our article on The Harmonisation of Metrological Laws.

»how to trust the invisible«

News from the Technical Cooperation

The Harmonisation of Metrological Laws
What have the results of the harmonisation of metrological laws been thus far? An excerpt from the work at OIML.

Film – Quality for Africa
The African Year of Quality is continuing to gather ground: The film 'Quality for Africa' was made in order to show people that while quality cannot always be seen, it can always be measured.

Cooperation with IRENA
Cooperation is in our name – with our partner institution IRENA we are working toward a more sustainable world. In particular: offshore wind power.

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