Dear readers,
2017 is a very extraordinary year: it has been declared to be the African Year of Quality Infrastructure (AYQI). This special year's slogan is »Better Quality, Better Life«. For our Technical Cooperation Department, this is a good occasion to intensify networking with our project partners from Africa, organize regional days and admire our joint successes. Our blog article on AYQI will give you a brief overview of this special year.

»better quality, better life«

News from the Technical Cooperation

African Year of Quality Infrastructure
A close look at the African Year of Quality Infrastructure: From table flags to the Continental Free Trade Agreement – everything reveals the importance of this special year.

A time to make friends at PTB
The PTB currently has a special guest: Dr. Byounghoon Jeon from KRISS in Korea. Find out in our interview what kind of research he is doing at PTB, what his tasks are at KRISS and if he is enjoying his stay at PTB.

Myanmar – Official trip to the Golden Country
During an official trip to Myanmar, you do not get to lie on idyllic beaches – but the metrological side of the country is also well worth a visit. A glimpse of Myanmar through the lens of Technical Cooperation.

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