CASCO policy groups' meetings: key outcomes

In November 2016 CASCO held its mid-year policy groups' meetings. The Technical Interface Group (TIG) continues to actively support more than 39 ISO Technical Committees (TCs) in order to ensure a consistent and harmonized approach to conformity assessment in those TCs. The Strategic Alliance & Regulatory Group (STAR) confirmed its commitment to continue working with the insurance sector and actively engage with regulators including the African and Latin American regions in 2017. The Chairman's Policy & Coordination Group (CPC) reviewed and approved the priorities of CASCO technical work for 2017.

The next round of CASCO policy groups' meetings will precede the CASCO 32nd Plenary which will be hosted by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) from 26-28 April 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. The registration for the plenary is open and the website with all the practical information is now available. If you plan to participate, please contact the CASCO member in your country or the secretariat of the organization in A-Liaison with CASCO, as the registration goes through them.

ISO/CASCO standards published in 2016

In 2016 ISO/ CASCO published 2 International Standards and 1 Technical Specification.

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