A new start

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Do you remember our newsletter? The new Candela has been released just in time for the new year. Our newsletter is now being published with a new design: From now on all news and reports from the Technical Cooperation can be found on our blog: www.ptb.de/candela
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»key institutions of the nepalese quality infrastructure are strengthened«

News from the Technical Cooperation

New short: »Timur – Spice of Nepal«
How can Timur farmers profit from quality infrastructure? Which role does QI play in the trade of agricultural products? Our new film intends to give you an insight into our project work in Nepal.

Our side event at the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank
Combining energy supplies and climate policy in newly industrialised countries is challenging. What kind of role does the expansion of renewable energies in Asia play? At the 49th anniversary of the ADB, we organized a panel discussion on this multi-faceted topic.

We are celebrating ten years of cooperation in the Western Balkans
We are very pleased to look at the successes of our joint projects with the countries of the Western Balkans. The greatest factor of success: the establishment of mutual trust and personal relationships over the years.

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