Dear readers,
World Metrology Day is now behind us: On the 20th of May 2017 the issue of the day was Measurements for Transport. Although the majority of our colleagues prefer whizzing about on their bicycles, transport is a topic that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Regardless of whether a project deals with trade, food safety or water quality, thought must always be given to quality management during transport.

Dear readers,
2017 is a very extraordinary year: it has been declared to be the African Year of Quality Infrastructure (AYQI). This special year's slogan is »Better Quality, Better Life«. For our Technical Cooperation Department, this is a good occasion to intensify networking with our project partners from Africa, organize regional days and admire our joint successes. Our blog article on AYQI will give you a brief overview of this special year.

Dear readers,
We hope that the New Year is treating you well so far! Here at PTB’s Technical Cooperation Department, we have many projects and events lined up for 2017.

CASCO policy groups' meetings: key outcomes

In November 2016 CASCO held its mid-year policy groups' meetings. The Technical Interface Group (TIG) continues to actively support more than 39 ISO Technical Committees (TCs) in order to ensure a consistent and harmonized approach to conformity assessment in those TCs.

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Do you remember our newsletter? The new Candela has been released just in time for the new year. Our newsletter is now being published with a new design.